Training Services

Proactive Securities will help ensure that your company or organization stays well ahead of OSHA’s requirements to maintain a safe workplace. Like many governmental rules and regulations, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), does not provide specific standards for a company to follow. Rather, it relies on the trends, patterns of incidents, and such which eventually becomes industry standards.

With the unfortunate spike in active shooter incidents, and the increased media attention such events spur, it is clear that employers will need to provide some attenuating measures to protect their personnel from this form of workplace violence. Why wait and be reactive when the means of being proactive are available?


What to expect from Proactive Securities customized training
  • Background on Active Shooters

    History on previous active shooters

  • Recognizing the Potential Active Shooter

    Learn indicators of potential active shooters

  • Surviving an Active Shooter Incident

    Learn life saving options when an active shooter incident occurs

  • Workplace Assessments

    Safety assessments of employee work areas

  • Team Building

    Development of a team’s efficiency and effectiveness

  • Live Role Player Scenarios

    Full scale active shooter drills

Other risk management and security consulting as needed  ​Proactive Securities has a staff of professionals on hand that can help you with any risk management or security related issue.​

While we recommend that you receive all phases of our training, clients have the option of selecting specific phases as it relates to their needs.




The Phase I training is a four hour block of instruction where the class learns about the history and make-up of an active shooter. Focus is put on how to recognize and react to a possible active shooter. During Phase I the classes are broken up into smaller groups for some “hands on” training. It is essential for everyone to receive Phase I so they have the background, knowledge and attitude to survive
an active shooter or armed intruder.




Active Shooter scenario training/team building exercises at your facility. We will provide role players and evaluators for this training. At the end of each scenario, a detailed critique will be conducted. During the critiques, all involved individuals (trainers, role players, and students) would go through a constructive discussion where we would identify areas where improvements are needed as well as areas where students performed admirably. The scenarios are crucial in identifying how individuals will react to actual incidents.  This is an excellent Team Building exercise for everyone involved.