An active shooter is defined as an individual who is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a place of business or school. In most cases, active shooters use a firearm and display no pattern or method for the selection of their victims. Active shooters at the work place have become very prevalent over the last few years. A common misconception is that most active shooter incidents occur in schools. Statistics shows that less than 25% of shootings occur in schools. The remaining 75% occur in doctors’ offices, grocery stores, gas stations, churches, day cares and just about any other place of business.

Proactive Securities will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to survive during an active shooter/armed intruder incident. This training will help you identify indicators of a potential active shooter. It will also increase your chances of surviving the incident when you become involved. We offer customized training for your company so you can be sure that your work place and employees are better prepared to survive an active shooter incident. Being PROACTIVE prior to an active shooter incident will both save lives and lessen the liability for your agency.

“The Bedford County Chamber of Commerce was very pleased to be able to partner with Proactive Securities in providing this important training opportunity. The instructors were exceptional: professional, credible, and personable. I highly recommend this active shooter and intruder training for all businesses. Employees left this class feeling not only more empowered to handle a potential threat, but also more valued by their employers. This is perhaps the most important educational program we have ever provided to our business community.”
Kellie Goodman Shaffer
“Excellent presentation with real life examples to make the training more realistic. It makes people realize what can happen and how to plan and act”
Darvel Stutz
“Excellent presentation! Very eye opening! Very knowledgeable instructors! This was one of the most informative training sessions we ever held!”
Helen Pyzowski
Business Services / Huntingdon County Career Link
"The Active Shooter Training gave me knowledge that I can use in the workplace as well as when I’m out in the community. It has made me more aware of my surroundings and situations that could occur. I feel safer having had this training and knowing the steps to take if in an active shooter situation.Professional trainers with vast experience in law enforcement."
Elizabeth Manges
Branch Manager/Security Officer / Hometown Bank of PA
“Great training! It really helped to inform me. I will take this information back to my office and wherever I go. Excellent instructors!”
Kevin Kasun
"We wanted to offer our employees a valuable seminar dealing with safety in their workplace. What we found with Proactive Securities far exceeded our expectations. These are situations we hope our work family never find themselves in, but now that they have experienced the dynamic approach that was presented by Proactive Securities in their Active Shooter program, we believe they are definitely better prepared to survive and return home safely to their families. Professional, well-spoken, and experienced group of trainers!"
Dr. Gary Raymond
“Extremely valuable information. Things we should know, but avoid thinking about.”
Jeff Knouse
“Most beneficial training I’ve ever attended!”
Alexa Vroman
"Proactive Securities training has provided many of us with the knowledge and empowerment that we previously did not have prior to attending this class. The training was very professional, surreal, and well taught. It was obvious to all that a lot of time and passion was put forth in our day spent with the trainers. If any Employer has not had the opportunity to send employees to this training, I strongly would recommend doing so. This is very valuable training and information available and I believe it is well worth your time and the time of your employees to attend this training class. Thank you for the opportunity to receive this training, and I look forward to future available courses."
Kelly Greenwald
Customer Service Representative / Reed, Wertz & Roadman, Inc.
“I really enjoyed this training and never thought about some of these things. I will be more aware of my surroundings!”
Lee Ann Grace
Administrative Assistant / Huntingdon County Career Link
“Absolutely changed the way I think whenever I go some place. It has made me more alert to my surroundings.”
Debbie Shaffer
"I had recently taken the Proactive Securities, LLC training. Well, I have to say that the 3 instructors, Brad Hershey, Jessie Moyer, and Tom Reed and their years of training on the police/task force followed by their expertise; did an OUTSTANDING presentation with their training and knowledge on what to do if you are ever in that situation. From attending the program I am more aware of my surroundings and what I need to do to protect myself and my co-workers if an active shooter would enter our office. I would recommend employers of businesses to take advantage of offering this program to the employees. Thank you for opening up my eyes that this can happen to you when least expected!" 
Vickie Lemley
“Exercises were excellent! Real life application was essential to reinforce the lesson.”
Maureen Safko
“Excellent seminar with information that can be easily implemented to develop safety policies and staff training.”
Jean Gross
Medical Administrator / Physical Therapy Etc.
“Excellent course! I had no training with anything in relation to self defense or active shooter defense. I feel more safe now knowing what I didn’t before. Thank you!”
Katrina Ormsby
"I truly enjoyed the Armed Intruder seminar put on by Proactive Securities, LLC. It made me aware of things I should be taking notice to when I am in the workplace and out with my family. You should always be aware of your surroundings and the dangers of the unknown and untrained for these shooter situations. Unfortunately, more of these scenarios are playing out on a more frequent basis. I feel more confident that I will be more prepared if the occasion arises. The safety of my co-workers and family are my top priority and this training now makes me feel prepared. Thank you to the expert trainers at Proactive Securities."
Tammie J. Hess
"Thank you very much for the "Active Shooter" training at BCTC this morning. My colleagues and I have been raving about the thoroughness of your material, as well as the manner in which it was presented. We all appreciate the time and effort put into such a successful program."
Lucille Kentner
Adult Literacy Instructor / Center for Community Action
“Best training I’ve been to! Practical learning with real life examples!”
Kimberly Weaver
Human Resources / Ventura Foods